The reunion was held at the Proud Bird Restaurant on September 13, 2014.

"The most remarkable, and for me unexpected thing, about the reunion event last night was that we were all young again within the confines of our mutual age.  We laughed, danced, talked and laughed again.  The room was a time machine of a kind that we all boarded and sailed away on a memorable journey. Those aren't just words, it was real and something we could not experience beyond that room.  It was truly fascinating and we are all the richer for it.  Thank you everyone who attended and thank you Joni Esser Gregg, for your fabulous decorations that brightened our starship. 
Bill Diebold

Now for the fun part....follow the links below (with your favorite beverage in hand)!

Saint Monica's Class of 1964 Reunion

The Reunion Night

A fantastic event with amazing people...and it was just us! Who knew?

Go here to see the photos and the fun!

Survivor Golf

Another Thrilling Episode

Who will prevail this week?  See all of the cunning and deceptive play as 24 intrepid contestants plot their strategies and prove in the end who is the better gender at golf.

Go here to see the photos and the fun!

The Reunion School Tour

Welcome Back to Saint Monica's

Diane Mayer put together a terrific tour but it was the Saint Monica's Senior tour guides who brought it all home.

Go here to see the photos and the fun!