The Life of Riley

It turns out that Bruno and Ellen Tonin are living large with a house on the harbor, two boats, and their biggest worry is whether to walk to the beach (two blocks away) or go the club. I was fortunate to visit them the other night and they have a beautiful home and lifestyle. They are approaching their 49th anniversary and have had ups and downs like the rest of us, but they always made the right choices (even put two daughters through college) and now are living large...the Life of Riley. I cannot think of a better example of success from our class.

Below is a pic of Sherry Pape Reynolds and the sunset we experienced as Bruno took us around the harbor in his electric duffy. As you can see the sunset and weather were perfect for a duffy ride around the channel islands harbor.



From Carol McNay Johnson

Beautiful weekend. Wildflowers out and visited the Ricardo Breceda sculptures that I wrote about for the paper last year. These are only a few of what is out there. ( Linda, these are the ones that are being " copied" in all the nurseries now - like green thumb where we went in January). Also found a nice cantina for burgers and beer.Weather couldn't have been prettier.

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With great apologies I wish you all a Happy New Year.  It is already January 23 and I do not know where the time has gone.  I am heavy into second semester and majorly buried in work at school so I am remiss in updating the web site.  I promise to post your photos if you send them (and in a more timely manner.)  Happy New Year are a few photos I received.
Richard, Arelene, Trish, Toni and Alan found time to get together over the Christmas break.  There is a rumor that myself and a few others got together also but we were not smart (or sober enough) to remember to take some photos. But thanks to Debbie for hosting. BTW that is not really Arlene...that is her daughter.  (Has to be, right?!!)
Terry Gorman and Mrs. K visit Julian Mesa at his studio in Florida.
Terry Gorman and Mrs. K at Christmas.

The other day I got a song in my head and couldn't let it go.  It was 'Samba Saravah' from the 1966 Best Foreign Film "A Man and a Woman".   I remember very well when I first saw it with a dear friend in Westwood.  She drug me there to see it and I loved it so much I drug her back the following night to see it again.  It was a break-through movie of sorts because of its unusual style, music, and of course the amazing story.  If you have seen it, you will understand what I am talking about.  If you have not, do yourself a favor and see it.  It is hard to get now. Netflix apparently has a very long wait.  I actually had to buy it and download it from Itunes.  I put it on tonight thinking I would watch the one bit containing the song.  I could not get away from it and ended up watching the entire movie again, much like meeting an old friend and having a wonderful conversation over lost times.  How wonderful is that!

A few fun facts.  The man singing Samba Saravah, Pierre Bouche, actually is the man playing her husband in the movie.  There is a mix of black and white and color because they simply ran out of money and made it work....very well in fact. The scene at the very end is totally a surprise to one of the actors and spontaneous. The 1966 Monte Carlo rally (filmed in the movie) was very controversial because the winner was actually disqualified for having the wrong head lights.....Okay!  Go see it and/or see it again.  You won't regret it.  If you have any comments, I will post them here.  Bill Diebold

The reunion was held at the Proud Bird Restaurant on September 13, 2014.

"The most remarkable, and for me unexpected thing, about the reunion event last night was that we were all young again within the confines of our mutual age.  We laughed, danced, talked and laughed again.  The room was a time machine of a kind that we all boarded and sailed away on a memorable journey. Those aren't just words, it was real and something we could not experience beyond that room.  It was truly fascinating and we are all the richer for it.  Thank you everyone who attended and thank you Joni Esser Gregg, for your fabulous decorations that brightened our starship. 
Bill Diebold

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