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by Richard Havel

Reports of tremors of affection and waves of laughter were verified by those attending the 50th high school reunion for Saint Monica High School Class of ’64. The event hosted 58 classmates and 33 guests. The experienced reunion planners noted this was “truly remarkable”.

It started off quietly enough on the eve of a record breaking heat wave as the classmates and guests found respite in the air conditioned confines of the Proud Bird Restaurant. They ushered into Fireside Room for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. With each new arrival the energy built as name tags were attached and there was a confluence of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. There was barely enough time for each conversation as classmates would discover what they have in common after all these years, and appreciate the unique experiences and paths taken by others.

Many in the crowd hung by the bar (you know who you are!), while others wandered into the Red Barron dining room to view the slide show of old pictures from the year book and new photos from the web site. It provided a perfect blend of nostalgia and updated shots of classmates and their families. The patio was the site for a photo booth where groups would pose for fun and memories.

The dinner bell was rung, and classmates selected tables with friends and acquaintances. Paul Daspit lead us in a prayer of Thanksgiving, that reinforced the good feeling shared by all there. Another committee member, referred to as the Yoda of web sites, then started off the high jinx with a friendly reference to the girl with the ditzy eyes and acknowledged the reunion committee for a job well done. Bill Diebold kicked of the dinner with a welcome toast. Everyone enjoyed the buffet and it was noted, “we really had time to talk and catch up on what was important in our lives”.

As the crowd settled in with dessert there were post-dinner presentations. Ken Hector and Stan Logsdon regaled the audience with stories of the Malibu Country Club and the unique challenges of having no grass on the course (except for the putting greens). The rookie, Joni Esser Gregg, came away as the big winner. Allegations of fraud and corruption are currently being investigated by the Silverton City Council. Joni then took the mic with Debbie Sullivan Levin to give away the floral center pieces, and more importantly to give a special thank you to Bill Diebold for all he had done with the web site to make the reunion such a success. Richard Havel closed the presentations with several recognitions: Longest Married – Herb and Margaret (Sullivan) Williamson, Most Recently Married – Terry and K Gorman, Most Children (nuclear family) – Primo Alvarez, Most Children (modern family) – Stan Logsdon, Most Grandchildren – Virginia (Kurzweil) McCarthy, Traveled the Farthest – a tie with jack Dirman, Terry Gorman and richard Wood, Most Cruises – Bruno and Ellen Tonin and Most Countries Visited – Mary Rameson]. The acknowledgements ended with a collective note of appreciation to all who had served in the Vietnam War. Our student body leaders (Clare Stang Walsh, Jack Dirman, Tom Mack and Patrice Henry Mitchell) gave short comments. They were filled with memories of the good times and appreciation for what we received from Saint Monica High School. The presentations ended with a a moment of silence for those who had passed away.

The classmates were then directed to the patio for a group picture. This lead to extended photo sessions with candid pictures for many groups. We can’t wait to see the picture of Stan, Nancy, Buzz and Valerie in costume. The conversation flowed and there were plenty of laughs and hugs to go around. There was a buzz in the crowd that signaled the party was not over. The dance floor was filled and the DJ had our number. We danced into the evening – well past the scheduled 11:00 pm time and many stayed until the closing at midnight.

The response has been unanimous. The evening was fun, relaxed, warm and friendly. We smiled and nodded as we shared memories -- be they old, new, sad, or funny. One classmate said we all felt young again and everyone looked great when viewed through the lens of optimism and hope. Or perhaps, the years have given us a perspective (nay we say it wisdom) to look deeper for the good and the valuable in each other. We discovered new things about our classmates (and perhaps ourselves) as we came to learn about the lives they have lived. We will appreciate them not just for who they were 50 year ago but also for what they have become. It was a unique opportunity – we were bound by the common experience of high school years at Saint Monica, and this enabled us to spend the evening in overt friendship and acceptance. We want to do this again!



Comments from Classmates about the 50 Year Class Reunion


All the superlatives have been used, so I'll just add my thanks for a most delightful day and evening. The tour of the campus was really fun and a great prelude to a wonderfully planned party. I offer congratulations and gratitude to all the committee members for organizing such a smooth event. As one who has put together a few weddings (3 daughters), I take my hat off to you! Special thanks to Bill for his kind attentions and his persistence in encouraging us to submit our stories; I look forward to reading updates.
Cheryl Hoffman Hi Bill. Just wanted to say that the reunion was a night to >remember! It was wonderful seeing everyone and sharing laughs and >special moments from our hey days. Thank you and everyone who helped >make it happen ??
Buzz Wisda Thank you to everyone on the committee who worked so hard to make the 50th reunion great! It was so relaxed and natural. The venue was great. The food was really good, and the speeches were just the right length.
Barbara Gutierrez Thank you, Buzz! Your gracious email definitely captured my grateful feelings last night, too! Also, thank you, Bill, for your engaging Reunion Website. Finally, Committee Members, you each deserve a standing 👏 ovation! Great, memorable event! See you in 2024!
Toni Kathleen Flynn Thank you all so much for organizing and hosting the best ever high school reunion in the history of high schools!! I had so much fun and it just warmed my heart to reconnect with old and dear friends.The venue was perfect, the food delicious and the dance music was way cool and groovy (hee hee).I can't wait to see all the photos! By the way, what a nice and skilled photographer. I have to say it one more time … Bill, your St. Mos '64 Blog was - and remains - a brilliant part of remembering, honoring, and re- connecting with one another. I hope it continues! You guys deserve a million bucks each! All I actually have to give you is gratitude. Thank you! Thank you!
Mary Rameson I second all that Toni wrote. I'm so happy I decided to go!
Clare Walsh It was the best. My favorite reunion yet! You all did a fabulous job, and we are so thankful that you did!
Bruno Tonin I wish to thank all of the Reunion committee members for one of the most special nights that my wife Ellen and I have had in years. It was a night to remember. I wish I had time to speak to all of my past classmates but as you all know time would not permit us to do so. I know that we all watched everyone walk around and flashed back to times we spend with each other 50 years ago. As we all know, life is to short so I hope we all meet again in the near future. Once again thanks to the Reunion committee for a job well done.
James (Larry) Roth Had an incredible time. I did not socialize with most of you all as a classmate, but it was enjoyable seeing how we all aged. Have a good life all. I still live in the house I did when I went to ST. Mo's. If anyone is in the neighborhood stop by.
Trina Wagner Pate My thanks to the reunion committee as well – you did a fantastic job! I don’t usually go to reunions (my last St. Mo’s reunion was our 5 year!!), but I am glad I was persuaded to go. I had a great time – it was so nice to see everyone & catch up. I just wish I had time to talk to more of you! A special thanks to Bill for doing such an outstanding job on the website. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and seeing all of the photos. I’m thankful that you kept after us to submit our information!
Sherry Pape Reynolds Just a little note to thank the entire committee for the Fabulous Evening. I should have said something yesterday, but, I had such a great time Saturday, I spent most of Sunday napping. Good kind of tired!!! I know that all of the members of the committee spent untold hours planning the best party every! I must comment on just a few. I really liked the photographer that was chosen, he was among us doing his thing, but was not intrusive. I can't wait to see the photos. Also the DJ was wonderful. She wanted to play what we liked, but the music didn't overpower us so conversation was possible. The food was incredible, etc........ But most of all, I loved the feeling of community that we all shared. I felt much the same way I remember feeling when we were together learning those many years ago. You are all absolutely Terrific, Quality people, I'm glad to have shared the education time with you and the time with you all last Saturday night. Go Mariners!!!
Bruno and Ellen Tonin >Hi Bill > >It's Monday morning at a little after 6am, I'm having my first cup >of coffee and remembering the the fantastic Reunion party Ellen and >I just experienced. We want to again thank you and the committee for >all you hard work and countless hours you guys and gals put in. >While at the Reunion I heard over and over from our classmates how >great the party was and that we have to do it again very soon before >we'll have to have the Staples Center as our venue because our wheel >chairs and walkers will take up most of the room. > >It was weird that during the party I kept looking and speaking to >everyone and did not see what we currently look like but what we >looked like in High School. We may have changed outwardly but we >were all the same crazy kids. Back in school we had hopes and dreams >and I hope all of us have lived those wishes and desires. I must >admit that I was jealous of those that still had hair and a 32 inch >waist but that was far and few between. The only hair I have growing >is out of my nose and ears. > >While watching the group rekindling friends I had flashbacks of >those that had passed away and remembered having spent time with >them back in the old days. My old age motto is that life is to >short, so make everyday special - "Carpe Diem". > >Once again thank you for bringing back happy memories and rekindling >past friendships and turning them into new ones. > >Hope to see you all again at another gathering in a few years.
Mike McCoy Wonderful time with wonderful company, I will always remember it. Bill, thank you so much for offering to continue the website, it will be our best link with other. Hope to see you all at the next one.
Paul Daspit Here's one that will remain anonymous ..... well, because it really doesn't matter who said it. I believe this was the first reunion attended by the classmate making the remark. "Is it just me, or was our class blessed with a huge number of wonderful and caring people?" I felt that in making this comment, the classmate may have been trying to sum up a number of things; the reunion event itself, reconnecting with special friends, coming to closure on things from 50 years ago (have to admit that my fingers still shake a bit when I type "50 years"!) Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along because it is a comment that probably could not have been made had the reunion not been as wonderful as it was. Kudos to all.
Marilyn McGowan Dixon I too had a fabulous time😉 everybody looked great and was so happy to see good friends I hadn't seen in far too long. I echo everyone's congratulations to the committee and especially Bill. ..your work was phenomenal! ! Can't wait to see the pics!
Karen Goldie Fuhr Would like to add my thanks to the Reunion Committee for a wonderful and memorable evening. Bill, special thanks for the hours you have spent on the web site. You have certainly kept our class connected. Can't wait to see the pictures! It was the perfect reunion.
Jack Dirmann That was truly a blast to see you all again. I was really impressed at what a terrific group our class is. The event itself was outstanding and a tip o’ the hat to the committee for envisioning this night way back then and most of all for the hard work to pull it off in such great style. Onward, Mariners!
Tom Mack Well done committee! besides doing such a fine job you are all looking good too. xo,
K and Terry Gorman It appears all the great comments regarding the wild festivities held this Saturday Night past have all been used up! I can only say thanks to the Committee Members it was a job well done and the party was lacking nothing! It was great to reassemble with the classmates of “64” once again to remember old times, renew friendships, and make some new friends for the future. I am glad we attended and was greatly moved by the outpouring of love and attention to me and my new bride. I thank each and every one for making this reunion memorable. An extra gold star to Stan for the cigar on golf day, to Ken for putting up with my trick golf shots, Richard for the Guinness, and of course, Bill for showing us what we all look like and something to compare with the next time we get together. It was a blast and will be talked about for a long time. Looking forward to our move to Phoenix so we can be closer and will have a chance to work on my golf game some more. A Standing Ovation is now graced upon our hard working Committee.
Carol McNay Johnson One of the reunion commenters said something about how  when we saw each other the other night we " saw" each other the way we remembered each other  in high school --- regardless of what we looked like now.  I think that's really true.     How nice to be in a group where regardless of bald heads, thicker waistlines, and wrinkling skin - all we really saw ( and with great affection) was the 18 yr old versions of each other. ( and sometimes younger). But what charmed me the most, was that all the barriers, all the categorizations and segregations, the angst and the striving for acceptance and validation of the teen years was  gone. All that was left was a shared appreciation for the amazing  talents and persona of each unique and very special  individual and for a shared magical time in our lives.  Thank you to all of you who shared the vision and  made this possible.   

Bruno Tonin

Part Deux

I am still recuperating from the event. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the event. Due to my Baltimore Catechism upbringing I was expecting to have Brother Hillary beat the shit out of me with his paddle upon entering the event, Brother Rommel staring me down and Brother Ignatius point his finger at me, showing me my seat. I also expected nuns to be walking around and swat my knuckles with their rulers until they bleed and also check the girls out to insure their dresses were not above their knees and that they wore undergarments so that their mid section was not exposed. What happened? During the class photo shoot I was standing in the back with all the other tall guys. I forgot that in school I was 6'8" (I wish) and my old age had brought me to 5'8". The photographer came up to me and said that due to my height he had a seat for me in the front row. I also asked him if he could change my body size to look thinner. He said that was not possible the best he could do for me was a size 50 waist. Oh well, I tried. During the event I was almost 86th from it. I ask you, what was wrong with me climbing up the pole that had the Spitfire plane on it. I wanted a picture of me in the cockpit. Dennis Rydgren was going to take my photo. Dennis told the management that I was out of the special needs home for a few hours and he would watch me. The rest of the night the waiters kept their eyes on me. We are all so old that the only line I had to wait in the longest was for the urinals. I think I peed in my pants a few times. Next time it's men's Depends for me. That God you had soft foods to eat. I believe I saw someone's teeth in the chicken salad. I also noted that someone (no names) had a plastic bag and was putting food in it to bring home. Check Rich Havel's refrigerator. I really liked the fact that the speeches were short because people speaking forgot what they were saying. At our ages I think no one remembers who did the speeches anyways. In closing, thank you and the committee for a great event and I hope we have another get-together in the near future.