Survivor Golf This Week

by Ken Hector

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One thing our 50th Class Reunion clearly proved is that a number of us were willing to suffer greatly for the pleasure of enjoying the company of classmates. On Friday September 13th, a omen for sure, a small but obviously dedicated group of Mariners, golfers, hackers, and rooters, along with family and friends, met at Malibu Golf Club for the Reunion Golf Tournament.

For those who weren't there, this is not the seaside Malibu you remember. The course is on the east side of the mountains, much closer to Thousand Oaks than the ocean. Temperature was near 100 degrees when we teed it up at 11am, and well above that by the time the last group finished late afternoon. It was so hot that even the rattlesnakes hid out, and this place is definitely rattlesnake country.

While a foursome is usually four players, our groups were 3 golfers and a ride-along to harass and harangue, such as Richard Havel, Bill Diebold, Jack Dirmann, and Mark Stong, and a few wives. Havel and Dirmann were never at a loss for words in school, and they haven't changed, talking non-stop, and especially loud during a players back swing!

The teams were as follows:
Dave Gossman, Paula Patterson, Frank Giordano, Rand Lloyd

Bob & Karen Lennon and Bob & Jeanine Holmes

Alan & Deanna Opstedal and Jim "Buzz" & Valerie Wisda

Angel MacDonald, Nancy Logsdon, Joni Esser Gregg and her son Steve Gregg

Tom Mack, Bill Faulkner, Stan Logsdon

Ken Hector, Terry Gorman, Paul Daspit

The biggest surprise of the day was the tournament wining team. The heavy favorite was the Opstedal/Wisda team, as Buzz lives for golf, playing at least four days week? They came in with a two-under par 70. While a good score, it was not good enough, as the Gregg Gang, led by Joni's son Steve, shot 69 to take the honors. In addition, sharp shooting Angel MacDonald was the women's KP (closest to the pin) winner. The scores of the others teams were fortunately destroyed to avoid embarrassment!

Mercifully, all made through the 18 hole inferno, albeit rather parched. Post round beverages were the perfect first/thirst aid. Kudos to Stan and Nancy Logsdon for organizing the event, to Bill Diebold for capturing it all with his camera, and to everyone who came out to kick off a fantastic reunion weekend. This is a group of true Survivors!

Above is a candid photo we found of the surviving contestants.  The smiling faces are a futile attempt to lure the rest of us into playing survivor golf with them next time. Surprisingly, they all actually believe they had a great time (because they did!)