Judy Reed

I married Hal Haney after graduation. Nothing is perfect in that except the three beautiful children out of that union. Kimberly Baird age presently 48, Christopher Haney age 46 and Phillip Haney 42. The three kids have given me 6 grandkids, Brittney 27, Jason 25, Paige 20, Jackson 13, Sarah 10, and Luke 8. All wonderful kids. Watch in a few years Jackson and Luke will be MLB players. Not just bragging, just stating fact.

I met by present husband in Paradise, Ca through mutual friends in a coffee shop, we will be married 38 years in December. He introduced us to 4 wheeling in the hills, rocks and snow. We had lots of memorable trips with friends.The most memorable would be our wedding at 7000 ft elevation in a beautiful meadow in Lassen national forest, accessible by 4 wheeling drive only.

A year after we were married Lee was transferred to Portland, Oregon. We settled in Sandy, Oregon at the base of Mt Hood on over 3 acres. The front yard was the size of a foot ball field which the kids and dogs played for hours. At one time we had 3 dogs, 3 cats, numerous kittens, a neighbors peacock (that was annoying) and a ferret that wonder in to take over the dogs foods. Interesting living in the country. We lived their for 8 years when the company Lee worked for sold.

We moved back to Paradise and besides me working for a Chiropractor I also worked with for Lee who was now working for the Customer Company, eventually I went to work with Lee full time for 12 years. 24/7 together.

LeeƊbought a small aluminum boat as he had taken up fishing, hated that boat but joined him in fishing on Lake Oroville (your drinking water) and lake Almador. At that time we were camping in a tents with family, that is until my son-in-law managed to put a hole in my air mattress and I slept on a rock. So we bought a camper which was great until my sister-in-law would show up with her 100 lb dog.

Shopping again, this time we ended up with a 28' fifth wheel and yes by this time Lee had bought a bigger boat, a fish and ski, too fast for me but our Australian Sheppard loved it!!!. By now we are living in Citrus Heights, sub of Sacramento.

Eventually because of Lee's health we moved to our present location where we took up golf and sold the boat and 5th wheel and bought a bigger 5th wheel. I worked about 14 years in payroll and retired from Sutter County. We eventually sold all the toys when Lee was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and now he has also been diagnosed with Lewy Body disease. We have lots of great memories over the many years.

My computer took a dump and I lost my pictures but I will try to round some up.
  Wish me luck.