Ray Sabersky

Graduated in 1964 Oh, wait! You already know that!

Went to Loyola for 1-1/2 years - then to Santa Monica City College to play on their volleyball team. Wound up National Champions!! Yahoo! Was fortunate to play with Tony Albanese -what a great guy Ð sorely missed.

Then to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Then bailed for a while; went to work at Harvey's in Tahoe - then got drafted, and went into the Marine Corps. Spent a year in Vietnam (An Hoa, Hill 34, Hill 37, LZ Baldy, LZ Ross). Got two Meritorious promotions - sort of proud of that. Got an early out to go back to school. Enjoyed the GI Bill for some years; got paid to smoke cigars and read Hemmingway! Money ran out and had to get a job. The SLO Municipal Court had an opening in 1975; 27 years later I retired as the Court Facilities Manager!

Met my dear wife, Robin, while taking a legal research class; ran errands for the instructor; Robin ran"Robin To The Rescue" -a secretarial service (before computers!). We just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary! Amazing!

Retired in 2002, and we are quite fortunate indeed. Ride a motorcycle around these beautiful hills up here (Atascadero), and golf and volunteer for stuff.