Mary Rameson

After graduation I went to work for Chuck Barrister Productions as a Production Assistant on The Dating Game. I loved it, but then ABC went on strike and they asked us to wait it out to come back to work.Rita Ryberg talked me into going to Sun Valley, Idaho for a winter and Tom and John Heaney were already living up there. I spent a carefree and very happy winter and came home. Rita ended up marrying Tom Heaney and they have been up there ever since. After I came home, I was preparing to make a lifelong dream of mine come true, travel through all of Europe, which I did for six months with a friend of mine in a VW bug I purchased here and picked up in Germany. Spent a few years working and in junior college having no idea what I wanted to be or do. In my 5th year at The Rand Corporation, I met my life partner, Robyn King. We had been together for 33 years when in October 2013 she committed suicide. We have two boys, Trevor, 19, and Aidan, 16. They are the light of my life and although the last few years were up and down with Robyn's mental illness, we are finally getting back on track.

I am so looking forward to the reunion. See you in September!