Sharon Pape (Sherry Reynolds)

50 Years, are you kidding? It can’t be 50 years, I’m too young to have graduated in 1964! Really? Looking at the calendar, and in the mirror, from what I see, it must be true. Ah well. I still very much feel the same as I did then except , when I try to rise from my bed, then I become aware of the years taking their toll.

I am fortunate, my life has been rich if uneventful. I am grateful to have lived this long and come to this magical point in my life called retirement.

After High School went to SMCC, got a job, and got married in 1967. Had a daughter, Diana in 1968, and a son, Tom in 1971. Was a stay at home mom for a few years, then went to work, in various capacities, for the local school district, mostly in the classroom, and in the Health Office.

As my children grew, they began new lives, as they are supposed to do. My daughter gave me three granddaughters, two redheads and one with lovely ash brown hair. The middle granddaughter was killed in an auto accident at age 18 but the other 2 have made me a great grandma 3 times over with another ggchild due in March. They are Emmeline 1, Mattix 5 and Mason almost 8. We don’t know much about our little March bundle yet. Finally 2 boys in this generation, and counting. My son and his wife have no children, but their pets fill in nicely. Our family is truly blessed as our matriarch is still with us. My mom, Betty just celebrated her 92nd birthday last April. She’s quite frail, but as you can see below, still happy to visit with her descendents.

In the early 1980’s my pastor encouraged me to take some of the classes the Archdiocese offered, and I became very active in Church Ministry, mostly Religious Education. Then, while working as Director of Religious Education in another parish, that pastor sent me to the Catholic Bible Institute. This was the beginning of a new world for me. I am still facilitating a weekly Adult Bible Study and really enjoying it.

In 1990, the first pastor hired me as the weekend cook for the Rectory. I have been cook for the priests as both weekend cook and now, since retirement, I cook during the week instead. A few extra schekles in my pockets are quite welcome!

In 2007, I declared my independence and struck out on my own. I had lived in the city of Thousand Oaks for over 40 years, and felt that a change was in order. I am a complete history nut, and had fallen in love with a newly renovated, recently opened historic site, so I moved to the near vicinity to check it out. I instantly fell in love!!! And am still in a state. The object of these feelings is the Rancho Calleguas, or the Camarillo Ranch, in Camarillo.

I went through the Docent program and have been a card carrying member for 7 years. If you are history buffs, and either live in the area, or come and visit, contact me and I’ll give you a personalized tour of our 1892 Queen Victorian Mansion, I love to share. Since my retirement I also write the bi-monthly Docent Newsletter which is great fun!

I finally retired in 2012, and am finally able to pursue my passions 24 hours a day if I choose. I have recently gotten into historical research, focusing on California, and especially LA and Ventura Counties. This takes me to the Museum Archive Library once a week, and causes me to spent untolled hours with my nose pressed into musty old tomes at all hours! I suspected that I was some kind of geek when we were still in school, and I think in my retirement, I am proving it to myself and others!

Can’t wait to reunite with all of the souls with whom I spent those years in formation. I want to hear all the stories, and reconnect. I find that the early friendships are the richest and I look forward to collecting some of those riches. And after all, we are now members of an “Historical Group”, after so many years!