Mary Lou Harley Watson

Greetings from the Northwest! I moved here after I met my husband in Europe and married. I lived in the Seattle area for most of my 45 year marriage but in 07 we retired and settled on San Juan Island. I live near the Straits of San Juan and next to a national park. I love it! I have two wonderful children that I am very proud of. My son is a political consultant and my daughter works for CBS Television. Both are in Southern California along with my new grandchild! We make lots of trips to Cali since her arrival! After St. Mo's and college, I became a teacher. My last job was at Bellevue High School. I still miss the students the most. Probably my biggest change from my high school years is that I have been very active in the outdoors and on the water. We kayak now and sailed for over 12 years. We also have a fishing and crab boat. I am not much of a salmon catcher but I have had luck with the crab. I have climbed Half Dome and rafted 187 miles of the Grand Canyon. I am slowing down though and I now prefer a nice hotel to a tent. Lest my life sound too perfect, I need to add my biggest challenge was surviving Stage 4 cancer but thanks to modern medicine and a lot of prayers, I survived. As Carol and I have talked, no one gets out of this life without a few big roadblocks. "It's a wonderful life!"


With my daughter recently on Broadway, NY City