Michael Marfori

I got married a month out of high school to Barbara Thompson class 1966. We had girl and a boy before I was twenty. Started working at McDonald Douglas (thank you Bob Lennon Sr.). Went to work for the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept.at 20 1/2 yrs. old graduated at 21 yrs. old. Check this out, Dave Gossman, after Manson was arrested I got assigned as his daytime personal Deputy before the trial.Needless to say we had a few talks.(see attached photo)

After 2 yrs. on the force I returned to construction work and have been doing that for over 50yrs now. Built a lot around Santa Monica, Venice, WestSide, mostly Restaurants, condos, a few World gyms and offices for Arnold. I Got into fishing, surfing, and was in country music band for a few years when I was living the in canals in Venice.

My daughter Denise Freed is in the Real Estate business on the West side, my son Damon passed away 2011. Have 4 granddaughters (Jacqueline premed at Wesleyan, Kaila taking music theory at Evergreen College, Olivia just started high school at Windward, one grandson Noah going to Windward as well(athlete like g/pa), Caroline 3 yrs old living in Kauai.

Got married AGAIN moved to the Marina, got divorced AGAIN, moved to Hawaii where I built myself a 3 story house on the Big Island.

Currently, in Bethesda Md. doing a couple restaurants and bars. The reason there are no photos of grandkids is that they are all on the computer at the Mar Vista house. But, coming back for the weekend to attend reunion.

I'm playing ukelele a lot. Played at the Walt Disney a few times (who knew)? I tried last month to break the Guinness world record for playing the same song on the ukelele (didn't make it). Doing a lot of yoga and trying to keep healthy