Joni Esser Gregg

Since graduation from high school, the focus of my life has always been family.

College, marriage, three kids, a job in the medical field at UCLA, grandchildren.

My wonderful father, Ray, enjoyed good health and lived to be 99, sharing so many special times with all of us.
What a guy!

The joys of being a mom have only been heightened by those of being a grandma. Chrysti, a 4th grade schoolteacher, married Matt and has Kirra,13, and Jade, 6. They live in San Diego.

Steve, a paramedic firefighter engineer, married Carrie and has Trent, 14, and Trevor, 10. They live in Huntington Beach.
Juli is in the restaurant business in San Francisco. She is a food and wine expert and a lot of fun!

The grandkids are all beach kids who surf and love sports.
Since retiring, my time is spent traveling with family and friends.
Life is good!