Janet Lennon Bahler

I love reading everyone's stories..I remember each and every one of you!

Shortly after we graduated I got married and had three children, Billy...John....and Kristin, before I was 24. My sisters and I were still on television with Lawrence Welk, and then our own television show with Jimmy Durante. Later we guested on many variety and Late Night shows.

We worked Las Vegas for many years, and, in fact, I will be working in Las Vegas on Sept 13th!
I'm soooo disappointed I won't be able to see everyone at our reunion.

I married my husband, John Bahler, in 1976 and we created our own Brady Bunch when his two children moved in with us. 5 teenagers at the same time!!

We all moved to Branson in 1994 to perform and The Lennon Sisters (Kathy, Janet, and our younger sister, Mimi) continue to work here at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre (three of my granddaughters perform with us also).

All five of our children live here in Branson and we now have 12 grandchildren and just recently a great grandson.

I'm still best friends with my high school girlfriends. Of course, Joni Esser and I are like sisters. She , Clare, Debbie, Patrice and I still meet up every few years in some great city to visit. This year it was Chicago and we had a blast! Such special friends!

I get sentimental when I think about how simple our lives seemed in high school.

My 10 siblings are all healthy and happy and we see each other as often as possible. Six of them live here in Missouri. All of our children and grandchildren live near us and we all enjoy the slow paced living and the beauty of the four seasons.

Much love to all my classmates from '64!.