Mike Horton's Biography by Dave Gossman(continued)

As the war in Vietnam heated up, Mike received his draft notice. He was sent to Virginia for training. He hated boot camp and especially the drill sergeants. Mike always spoke his mind. Unfortunately, the southern boys just didn’t like California party boys with red hair. He had too many fights and spent a lot of time at KP duties.

Mike died and went to heaven when he received news that he qualified to be a boating instructor. He taught army personnel to skipper the small gun boats that traveled down the Delta Cong River in Vietnam. He stayed in Virginia throughout his tour of duty. He worked for the army in the day time and bartender at night. He had the best of two worlds.

Mike became a full time fisherman and sailor for the next 30 years in Morro Bay. If he was not fishing he was skippering boats up and down the California coast. He once heard a SOS signal from a sinking schooner while fishing. He responded to the scene and saved a family from drowning. He was the hero in Morro Bay.

Mike eventually settled down and got married to Liz. ogether Liz and Mike raised three wonderful children, Isaac, Bernadette, and Patricia in their family home in Atascadero.  He became a top car salesman in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero.

Mike had a special personality in which he could converse with people from all walks of life. He had more friends and knew more people than any person I know. He was blessed. I last saw Mike two months before his passing from cancer. The Venice Boys visited him and of course we played poker and watched USC football. Mike won all our money! We will miss his smile and the good times we all shared with him.

Dave Gossman, Classmate and Friend Forever.