Arlene and Richard Havel

We have known each other for 51 years (started at a sock hop in our Junior year). We have been seriously dating for 50 years (since the senior prom and grad night). We have savored the joys and challenges of a long successful marriage -- 46 years and counting.

Richard graduated from Notre Dame and UCLA Law School. Arlene attended SMCC, and supported us during law school working as an EKG technician at St. John’s Hospital. We have lived in Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista and finally Cheviot Hills (Arlene said she did not want to get any further from the ocean.). We had an interlude in 2001-2003 when we lived in New York and tasted the Big Apple.

We have two children – Stephanie and Derek, and they have blessed us with four grandchildren. Derek, his wife Alison, Amber (7 yr) and Trevor (5 yr) live in Santa Monica. Stephanie, her husband Alex, Alicia (23 yr) and Julia (17 yr) live in Boise, Idaho. They are all the lights of our lives and get first call on our time and attention.

Richard has enjoyed the practice of law, working with bright comrades and counseling a broad range of individuals and companies. He supplemented the client work with lecturing at professional education programs and serving on the board of various charitable organizations. He is currently most active with the board at Notre Dame Academy.
Arlene served as a full time mother when the kids were growing up, and taught us all to appreciate great musical theater and to find a song that gives one joy. She has nurtured our family with support and understanding, and by example helped us to grow and thrive. For the last 15 years she has worked with the Women’s Breast Cancer Center first at UCLA and now at Cedars Sinai. There she has worked with a group of doctors and advisors to support women who are high risk candidates and those who are undergoing treatment.

We enjoy the outdoors and over the years have hiked the Santa Monica mountains, played tennis in Palm Springs, water skied the canals of the Sacramento Delta and enjoyed the winters at Park City. Now our exercise is closer to the treadmill and bicycle, but it keeps us going. Like any good story there are nuances and even contradictions. Whatever happiness and comfort we have found in this life comes not just from enjoying the good times, but also from coping together with the disappointments, illness and loss that life gives us. We have had our share and with some faith, hard work and lots of luck we have come out the better for it. The story isn’t finished as life is a work in process, but we like the partner we have.