Dave Gossman

I have led an interesting life over the last 50 years. I have taken many paths through life which has shown me love, excitement, danger and death. Let me share a few experiences.

I was drafted by the army and I went down for my physical exam in downtown LA. I was rejected. I had come down with mononucleosis (Kissing disease). I do not know who to blame. But I believe she was one of our fellow classmates who want to remain anonymous. At 21 years of age I joined LAPD. Note, I got my second draft notice while at the academy. I appealed and was given a deferment since I was at the time married to Toni Flynn and she was pregnant with our son David II. Thank you Toni, you kept me out of the army. Who knows what would have happened to my life if I had gone off to Vietnam.

While assigned to WLA Patrol duties, I was the first policeman to arrive at the Sharon Tate Murders (Manson Case). It was the most gruesome murder scene I ever seen in my career. I have seen myself on TV over the years in documentaries about the Manson Case.

I went to patrol/traffic in South LA (The Jungle, Watts, etc.). It was like being in a war zone.

I was promoted to Detective and sent to Van Nuys Homicide and Hollywood Homicide Units. I handled over 100 death investigations. I was assigned “Who Done It Cases”. These cases are old cases that have never been solved and are placed in archives. These cases have no evidence or clues. I was lucky and was able to solve these cases. I received the Inspector Clouseau Award.

Later, I became Internal Affairs Advocate. I prosecuted LAPD Police Officers at disciplinary hearings for their misdeeds. After two years, I changed to the other side of the table and defended police officers at the hearings for the Los Angeles Police Union for my last 4 years on the department. I saved a few jobs.

I retired and joined a security firm who specialized in bank robbery protection. Like the movie, “Heat”, we staked out banks. We were very successful. Thirteen bank robbers had their banking privileges permanently revoked. After 8 years, it was a time for a change. I had been involved in shootings, stabbed, police pursuits and survived cancer. I feel like a cat with nine lives. I have used up at least six. It was time to hang up my gun and handcuffs.

I was then hired by OE #3 Union in San Francisco area to be a business representative. I went out and bought a computer and some Labor Law books as my new tools of my trade. I represent Sheriffs and city/county employees. I handled contract negotiations, discipline cases and arbitrations. I still enjoy my career and love winning arbitrations!

I have 4 wonderful children, David II, Mark, Shannon and Heather. All are married and have successful careers. I am blessed with 6 grandchildren. I enjoy time going to USC Football games and Giant baseball games with my family. I am no longer a Dodger fan. I truly enjoy dancing, music and a good glass of wine.

I am looking forward to seeing all my classmates at the party and sharing stories. Let’s have some fun!!!!!


Stan and Dave at 30 years.