Karen Goldie fuhr

          After High School graduation I attended Santa Monica City College. In 1966 I was hired by American Airlines and sent off to Stewardess College in Fort Worth, Texas.
          My husband, Bill and I met on a blind date while I was in training. We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary in January of this year. Milwaukee, Wisconsin was home the first few months of our marriage! Yes, this California girl headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in January! A job change for Bill brought us to Dallas 44 years ago.
          Our twin daughters Lisa and Lori, now 43, are both married and have beautiful families of their own. They have blessed us with six wonderful and “perfect” grandchildren, two grand-dogs and a great grand-dog. Lisa and her husband Kent have three children: Jordan (24), Jake (15) and Katie (8). Lori and her husband Jonny also have three children: Will (16), Anna Brittan (13) and Mariel (7). The grandchildren certainly fill our hearts with love and laughter. Life is good! We are so fortunate to be able to share birthdays, holidays and lots of fun with this special family of ours.
          After staying home and raising our girls, I returned to work part-time for American Airlines as a Corporate Tour Guide. I also had the opportunity to do some contract work on both the Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft. Great job, I traveled internationally and got paid! However, after 9/11, with security so tight, my jobs ended.
          Guess one day we will retire! Bill still works daily and most weekends we are off to the lake. Several years ago we bought a very small lake house with retirement in mind. The kids and grandkids love to visit and we LOVE having them come. The house is small but always filled with big fun!
          I am very excited to see all my classmates and relive those special years at St. Monica’s. So hard to believe it’s really been 50 years!