Terry Flanagan

After graduation I spent an enjoyable year at Cal Poly, rooming with Bob Elliott, Stan Logsdon and Ken Hector. We shot quail and dug up live Pismo clams, played some football and learned how to party college style. During the summer of ’65 I met and began dating Laurie Moorman, the most gorgeous girl in Santa Monica; she was only 16 and attended Samohi! Her dad was a long-time and popular S.M. Police Officer. Needless to say, I always got her home on time. We were married in St. Monica’s by Msgr. O’Flaherty. Laurie and I will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in December. She enjoys creating, developing and selling start-up micro businesses such as gift stores and tea rooms. In fact, she has something new on the drawing board right now.

Laurie and I were blessed with three great sons, Terry, Shaun and Patrick. We experienced deep pain when we suddenly lost our beloved Shaun at age 19. Those were rough times. Thanks to our sons, my brother, and a handful of wonderful, caring friends, we managed to get through it. Laurie and I now have three beautiful granddaughters; Hannah (13), Caitlin (11) and Mackenzie (18 months). We had a blast last summer when we took Hannah and Cait to Maui for a couple of weeks! Terry II owns a graphics business in Palm Desert. Patrick is a successful freight broker.

In 1969 I began a 26 year career selling sourdough bread. In 1977 we moved to Oakhurst, CA and I started a French Bread distribution business, which included all of Yosemite NP and surrounding communities. The business allowed me the time to coach youth football, soccer and baseball. I eventually became the JV baseball coach at Yosemite High with my son Terry, then a student at Fresno State, assisting me. In 1977 Laurie and I led a Cub Scout Pack which grew from zero to 42 Cubs in three years! In 1995 I accepted a position with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Washington D.C. You may recall the 1997 UPS strike…that was me and some friends shutting down the UPS air operations at LAX. In 1998 I began my career with the California School Employees Association as a Labor Relations Representative. I plan to retire soon, but my work is still enjoyable and rewarding.

I will be forever grateful to my mom and dad for sending me to St. Mo’s. It wasn’t easy for them; they both worked two jobs to give their children the gift of a great education. But the fundamentals which were offered at St. Mo’s gave me the tools to compete and survive in relative comfort.

I have maintained a close and treasured friendship with several classmates. I enjoy allowing Bob Elliott beat me at golf a couple of times a year. Golf, cigars and cold beers with Paul and Tom Daspit as often as we can make it happen. Dinner at the Buckhorn in Winters, CA with Tom Mack, Ken, Bob and Coach and Rose Vukelich. Climbing Half Dome and golfing with Jim Mallen…and more. You can always make a new friend, but it takes time to make an “old” friend! Laurie and I have four dogs, a friendly doe with two spotted fawns and a wonderful deck overlooking two wooded acres.

Enjoy your reunion classmates; wish we could join you, but it’s soccer season!