Elizabeth Ernster Maculsay

The gift of our Catholic education at SMo's was a gift and blessing that keeps giving ! Those nuns were going to get us educated and to heaven in spite of everything... And God bless them for trying so hard. Not all of them were perfect sweet people but neither were we all the time. After teaching high school I appreciate all they tried to do !!! The sixties were a transition time and we were at the center of the beginning of difficulties that haunt our beloved country today.
SB PRES girls 1964

451/2 years !!! Married To Bob 2 daughters. 5 grandchildren

Extensive traveL... Loved every minute of it. I Founded a hi tech company with husband approx 35 years ago. We are negotiating a sell now. Did work both nationally and internationally. Was a speaker on Communications--all aspects.I gave conferences and deveeloped a women and family retreat format. I Volunteered for O C diocese to help give talks for Pre Cana.  I Was nominated from my parish for Catholic Woman of the Year. Graduated with double degree in 1968. Worked on Masters.  I taught high school at Mater Dei. I Traveled around the world on the World Campus Afloat Ship sponsored at that time by Chapman College in Fall 1967. Lady of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher. PEO Organization. Daughter of the American Revolution. Tail hooked on the Abraham Lincolnas guest of the Admiral. Road on the Olympic bobsled down the Olympic run in Utah . Was communication consultant to our team. Legatus member--a Catholic organization for Catholic CEO 's.

I salute my fellow sojourners at St. Mo's and pray that by God 's mercy and grace we will see each other in heaven. 451/2 years !!!