Bob Elliott

What a journey.

After the nine year college plan, interrupted by some long distance sailing adventures and a trip to Viet Nam, I received my degree in physical education never to coach again. Took a job with Lincoln Financial selling annuities (didn’t even know what they were) and launched a career in the group insurance business in 1972. Moved to Marin county in 1976 as regional VP for a large group insurance broker and started a new life as a northern Calif boy. Met the love of my life, Louise, and we have been married for a great 30 yrs. I started my own Dental Ins company and sold it four years later, went to Blue Shield as Director of their dental programs and then joined Delta Dental in 1990. Became president of Delta”s largest subsidiary in 1992 and became President of Delta Dental Insurance company in1998. Retired in 2006 and love every second of it.

We have two great kids and four wonderful grandchildren ages 21, 18, 14 & 9.

I regret that I can’t be with you to share some great memories.