Jeanne Dorsett Wiltfong

After graduating from the best high school in America I went to CSUN and earned a degree in business administration and became an accountant. For eleven years I worked for two foreign companies Malaysian Airlines and Saudi Arabian airlines learned first-hand about the two very different cultures and traveled in Asia and Middle East from the 1974 to 1986 moved to Hawaii and came back.

I went to work for Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance as Financial Advisor to Foundations in 1991. I actually got the position because I had gone to Corpus Christi and St. Monica’s it was a natural fit for them and me the spiritual climate was peaceful after many years in the corporate world. Then after 40 years and on the day I turned 60 I retired from corporate life!

Currently, with the help of my husband I am managing our own apartment building and commercial buildings my sisters and I inherited in Santa Monica and Venice from our parents…thank you Mom and Dad.

I dedicated my life to Christ in 1976 joined a local church and have been involved in various ministries that God leads me to do. This year a pastor friend and I started a simple “hot dog and prayer” outreach to the homeless, the teenagers at the skateboard park and others we encounter at a park nearby it has been good to break down barriers and connect with all sorts of the people in the community.

Last month my sister Donna and I went to Washington DC to attend Christian United for Israel (CUFI) and met with our representatives in congress and to encourage them to support Israel.

Lee and I married in 1978 we met at church Lee is bible school graduate and has a MS in marriage and family counseling. In 1985 and 1987 we had two children. Sarah is 26 now and has a degree in political science and works for a local candidate running for CA Assembly and she is president of a chapter of the CRA. David is 29 and recently became an ordained minister at Love House of Prayer in Long Beach that came out of the Christian clubs on campus at CSULB.

We live with our kids in the same house we moved into in 1987!

My goals in high school were to serve God and my country and get married have kids and see the world. I took a few detours along the way but it all seems to have worked together for good.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

God Bless,

Jean Dorsett Wiltfong