Sherry DeHetre Hoffman

After high school I attended SMCC and worked while I devised a master plan for my life as an adult. My first apartment was with Cindy Johnson and a little later Carol McNay and I were roommates. We shared lots of laughs and good times and those memories are some of my fondest.

"In 1969 my life plan was in the works and I decided to check my senior wishes" in our yearbook and sure enough, saw that I had dreamed of a job as a flight attendant (as well as owning a T-Bird like Joyce Brown's). So I applied to United Airlines. If I had known the hula hoop" hiring criteria, I could have saved myself the trip!. It goes something like this: If the hula hoop stops at the chest, Continental hires you. If it stops at the hips, United hires you - but if it goes all the way to the floor, American hires you.

So in June 1970, I began my career with American Airlines and retired in 2004. In 1971, I returned to Los Angeles, and met Jim Hoffman ( from Samohi no less) on a blind date. We were married in 1974. We have two wonderful ( and slightly weird) daughters who share our love of travel, music, humor ( the weird part I mentioned), the beach, and volleyball. Jim still plays on weekends at State Beach. Lauren (31) played through high school. Ali ( 25) continued her volleyball career at Washington University at St Louis and helped them win two NCAA championships. She is currently working on her PHD at Penn State in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science. Jim and I have had a packaging design company since 1993 and he is s-l-o-w-l-y moving toward retirement, so until that day comes we are both busy.

I am so looking forward to reminiscing with friends. " It's not the days in your life that you will remember. It is the memories".