Karen Burchard Michaels

I moved to Boston with my foster family ( Hanleys) after graduating. Their daughter Mary Jo and Ellen both graduated earlier. After marring my first husband in "67" Mass. we moved to West Palm Beach Florida around 1970.

After marrying my 2nd husband JOE (1989) we then were living in North Palm Beach. He was a Marine electronics salesman for many years. He suffered a stroke (2007) on a large yacht and fell down from the "T" and landed on a metal container that holds caught fish. He broke open the back of his head and after was in a coma for 2 weeks. He was never the same after that. He was a very young man with lots of energy though 62 then. I moved him to Hiawassee, Ga. to be in a nursing home in 2007 to be near his daughter. I moved to a very small town just about 20 minutes away to N.C.
He passed away on 9/26/13.

I have wonderful memories of traveling all around onour Harley (Irishjoe) and in my sidecar (Irishpower"). Our last trip was to Nova Scotia all the way to St. George Is. We packed our harley leathers and extra stuff in our trailer that was in the back of the harley and we were on our way to all over. We were going to retire in Tenn. on our spot on our mountain top.

I am 69 years young and live in a very very small town over looking beautiful mountains in Hayesville NC.

I don't think I will be coming back to Santa Monica anymore but will enjoy looking at pictures and reading of the next reunion. I was at the 30th reunion and stayed with my friend Lynne Robarge (MINSKY). It seemed to me that everyone looked the same. Time sometimes stands still.

Hello to everyone and May God bless andkeep you..... Karen

Live each day as if it was your last....and live for the Lord always.

Joe found my biological mother and 4 half brothers all in Ky. one passed away and one living in Ga. near Atlanta.